All student positions at the Wolfe University Center are available as Federal Work Study.
If you are eligible for Federal Work Study please note it when applying.

Building Managers
The Building Manager is responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core of the Wolfe University Center. A person in this position assists the Assistant Director and supports the day-to-day facility operations of the Wolfe Center. Building Managers effectively ensure that the establishment operates with minimal complications by resolving issues as they arise. With a focus on excellent business practices and customer service, Building Mangers help to improve efficiency by reducing operating costs, increasing staff productivity, and assisting all clients and customers of the Wolfe University Center. Building Mangers serve two primary functions within the Wolfe Center.
FIU Receptionist/Operator/Information Desk Attendant
Whether you are in the WUC Administration Office (WUC 325), answering the phone as the FIU Operator, or behind the WUC Information Desk, your primary role remains the same: YOU ARE THE CONCIERGE of FIU. You are knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant, and caring. Most of the time you will be the first impression for our guests and students; and as result how you are will make a big impact with them. In the Administration Office, you will play an important role in helping the Administration carry out their tasks and goals by assisting them in any small task they need; whether it is welcoming guests coming in the office, typing, mail distribution, copying, faxing or any other type of office work. As an FIU Information Desk Attendant, you will be a caller's or guest's guide, answer and positive energy to their questions, problems, and/or frustrations. Because of the fast-pace environment, working without supervision is crucial. You are being trusted to set a good impression to every one of our guests, staff and students and represent Florida International University to the best of your ability.
Game Room Attendant
In a fast pace, fun, loud and exciting environment. This is the domain of the Game room attendant. This position is held by an individual that can maintain order while surrounded by students playing and relaxing from the struggles of the college life. The game room attendant is responsible for the wellbeing of the game room, it's games, televisions, equipment and students wellbeing while inside the game room. Though the responsibilities are there, the game room attendant is not just an overseer, but a student that should interact with the students and help create a fun and relaxing environment.